Thursday, May 6, 2010

GSOC 2010

This is a bit late, but I have been busy with coursework and my dissertation lately, so here it comes :-)

I have been accepted to GSOC 2010 for Maemo and will be working on FaceBrick - a Facebook client for maemo / the N900 over the summer!

The main features I will be implementing are sending and receiving normal facebook messages through the application and a desktop widget which will be linked to the main app.

FaceBrick is done in Qt/C++ so I'm looking forward to working with that :-) Will be a nice change to the .NET marathon I've been having at uni!

I will be posting regular updates on how this is going as soon as I get started working and is also somewhere to watch.


  1. Great! Love it that N900 development is progressing...thank you for being part of it! and enjoy GSOC!