Sunday, October 3, 2010

FaceBrick back again!

FaceBrick was down for about a month earlier due to some unannounced changes to the Facebook API which caused FaceBrick, amongst other Facebook apps, to stop working.

The latest update to libqfacebook (0.1.3-2) contains a fix for this - in other words, FaceBrick is up and running again! Thanks to Ahmad Mushtaq for fixing this. :-)

If you're still experiencing problems with FaceBrick, feel free to stop by the FaceBrick thread for support :-)


  1. Really appreciate your work: the app is great!

    Just wanted to know something about the widget you mentioned in your previous posts... Didn't find it anywhere...

    Thank you again for your work ;)

  2. Thank you Kamilla. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Muuuaaaaahhhhh I LOVE YOU! ;)

  3. No worries!

    The desktop widget is available as of tonight, so you should be able to upgrade to facebrick v0.6 now to get it! :)

  4. really!! it's a beautifully application , but i've same problems :(
    i'd upgrade facebrick , but alway have a " error newsfeed 104"
    can you help me ?
    the widget is inavaiable , and the application brick my n900 :( uff :( i' would like to use this application...

    can you send me a correct instruction to upgrade to last version ?

  5. FaceBrick unfortunately doesn't work at the moment, see for why.