Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer is (nearly) here!

You know it's summer when ..

...they start selling ice cream in the park!

... and when all the ducks have already been fed by the other 100 people having a walk in the sunshine ;(

Friday, April 2, 2010

Exploring Hull!

On the way home from gym we decided to have a look for one of Hull's windmills - I always see it when walking home from Uni, and was wondering where it was... didn't realise it was so far away.

Flowery tree outside Uni

Weird tree?

We found some cuddly kitties on the way (no not trying to catnap them, just petting!) 
We ended up running away from them because they kept following us. 
(Photos: Stuart Hicks)

And we found a cat... who really seemed to like Stuart

Found it! Sort of.. after a long walk we settled with that this was the closest we could get to it.

Minty hot chocolate at Planet Coffee

Dr Kutte? Ikke en doktor jeg vil gå til iallefall!