Thursday, September 23, 2010

Australia - Merry beach

I have spent the past month in Australia, which is why I haven't been very active lately, but I'll be posting a bit about Aus now that I'm back and recovered from jetlag. :-)

Merry beach was just a couple of hours drive, they have their own beach where they offer camping and various cabins and apartments - complete with kangaroos, ducks and possums - didn't get to see any possums though.

A kangaroo greeted us as we arrived

When we arrived, there were a couple of kangaroos jumping around the place and I was told there would be loads of them on the grass outside our place in the evening... I wasn't sure whether to believe that, but once the sun started to go down, there they were!

The big male ones were quite friendly and seemed to enjoy a good scratch, while the female ones jumped away quickly, probably to protect the young ones in their pouches.

We went for a walk on the rocks to look for a good place to fish, but the waves were a bit too big and scary, so we decided to head back to the beach instead. Didn't catch any and managed to make a mess of the fishing line, so figured swimming was a better option.

Water was a bit cold, but swimming/jumping in the waves was a lot of fun (the waves were a lot more impressing than this photo shows) :) As a Norwegian, I hadn't really seen a lot of (big) waves before, for some reason we don't get a lot of them in our fjords!

I also got to see an example of a "boxing kangaroo". 

When we were feeding him bread, he was quite friendly and stood there waiting patiently for more bread... he then decided the bread wasn't coming fast enough and used both front legs to rip the bag of bread out of my mother in law's hands. Unlucky for him, it was almost empty anyway. I guess this is why a tiny girl walked up to the kangaroo and kicked him saying they're evil creatures just before we went to feed him.

Merry beach was great, would have loved to stay for longer and hope to go back there sometime. :-) Maybe I'll get to feed the possums they were advertising then!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Photos from Norway

Some photos from our trip to Norway, taken with my N900.

   Revbjelle                  Trondheimsfjorden

Trondheimsfjorden seen from Vanvikan


           Kis                         Old bunny man!

Don't worry, he's not eating anyone (not today at least).