Sunday, October 3, 2010

FaceBrick back again!

FaceBrick was down for about a month earlier due to some unannounced changes to the Facebook API which caused FaceBrick, amongst other Facebook apps, to stop working.

The latest update to libqfacebook (0.1.3-2) contains a fix for this - in other words, FaceBrick is up and running again! Thanks to Ahmad Mushtaq for fixing this. :-)

If you're still experiencing problems with FaceBrick, feel free to stop by the FaceBrick thread for support :-)

Australia - Sydney

We headed down to Sydney halfway through our holiday to see a bit of the city as I hadn't really been there before (apart from driving through it on the way to and from the airport a couple of times) and got to see a few bits and pieces.

Sydney has a lot of tall and impressive buildings, but looked much nicer when the sun set and left the city lit up by all the huge buildings.

Sydney seen from Darling Harbour (the tower in the background is Sydney Tower)

Sydney Aquarium has a lot of impressive sharks, including shark eggs, baby sharks, and even what looked like teenage sharks (they were showing off by poking their "nose" up from the water and sort of 'dancing around'). Also got to see several variations of turtles (yes, turtles, not tortoises) and penguins!

Lonely nesting penguin, according to the aquarium, they have colonies around Sydney - didn't get to see the "live" though.

Long neck turtle babies

We also went over to see the Maritime museum and I was quite impressed to find a Viking helmet and a pair of Norwegian skis (the skis were real, wooden and all, the Viking helmet wasn't). They also had a war ship and a submarine, but we were a bit too late to go on there.

Sydney also has a monorail (or several, I only saw one), this one takes you through a small part of the city (perhaps 8-10 stops). It goes around in a circle, in one direction, so if you want to go a few stops the "wrong" way, you'll have to take the monorail the whole way around.

Monorail across the bridge

All in all, it's a nice city, well at least the small part I saw was nice and I'd like to go back there sometime to see the bits I missed out on :-)